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What's New in Energy Efficiency

Transport Hervé Lemieux - Fuel Efficiency Case Study
Transport Hervé Lemieux - Fuel Efficiency Case Study
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Mark Dalton – Volume 2 Trouble Load

Mark DaltonVolume 2 Trouble Load is now available. A cross country drive turns into another exciting adventure.

Driving for Fuel Efficiency

Driving for Fuel Efficiency – An Incentive Program Handbook

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FleetSmart: introducing fleets to energy-efficient practices that can reduce fuel consumption and emissions, offering free practical advice on how energy-efficient vehicles and business practices can reduce fleet operating costs, improve productivity and increase competitiveness.

  • Facilitators
    Training is the first step toward taking actions to improving your fleet operations and overall competitiveness. Conserve fuel and reduce operating expenses.

  • Fleet managers
    Reduce fuel use and repair/maintenance costs, increase your profits and reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations.

  • Professional drivers and Owner operators
    Are you aware of how your driving habits affect fuel consumption and maintenance costs on your vehicle(s)? Get the tools, training and information to help you save fuel, save money and save the environment.

Fuel Saving Tools and Information

SmartDriver Training

Becoming a SmartDriver is a cost-effective, safe and responsible way to reduce costs and the environmental impact of fleet operations, reducing GHG's and improving air quality.

Specially tailored training packages have been developed for:

Fuel Management Workshops

Fuel Management 101
Whether you manage a municipal fleet, taxi/courier fleet or trucking company, you will learn valuable information for your organization. We have two workshops for you to choose from:

  • Fuel management for Highway trucking
  • Fuel Management for Mixed Fleet

For more information call (613) 960-7427 or Contact FleetSmart

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